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About EzInsights

If you have discovered greater insights in your data and want to share it with others, OR You wish to Visualize, Discover, Share, Act, Learn, Search, Train, and Predict, then, “EzDataMunch EzInsights Platform” is the solution for the same. You can take Your BI Collaboration to the Next Level with Natural Language Query (NLQ) in-built in ourEzInsights Platform.

EzDataMunch EzInsights Platforms is specialized in Retail, Healthcare, Insurance Hospitality, Entertainment, Construction, and Manufacturing Industries, spanning Finance, Operations, Sales, Supply chain, Forecasting, Planning, and many more functional areas.

It is certified as ‘100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers’

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EzInsights Features

EzInsights SAAS Platform for Analytics is an On-Cloud model, with special features to Manage Partners, Clients, Users, Roles, Application Security, Access, Subscription model, Access duration, Database Connections, Qlik API Integration, UI for Natural Language Integration, Sharing, Collaboration, Community, Support Tickets, iFrame Integration for Application, iFrame Integration of Qlik Hub.

  • Tool of Your Choice: Integrate Qlik, Tableau & Power BI Dashboards in one Unified Portal
  • Cloud or On-Premise:  Secured Public and Private sharing of Dashboards
  • Never build from Scratch: Access to 200+ Pre-built Apps, Playbooks, KPIs and Data Model
  • Data Cloud: Load data in our Cloud, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Box.com, Dropbox or AWS.
  • Subscription Model: Cloud or On-Premise Deployment, with Server or User based Model
  • Video Sharing: Create Video Analysis of Insights and Share with Community
  • Viewer Analysis: Usage statistics about applications, views, users, messages, and comment on dashboards.
  • Secure Link Sharing: Share secured link with any user in the community or external users.
  • Dynamic Views Menu: Organize your Views / Dashboards with dynamic menu creation
  • Live & Offline Chat Messages
  • Forums
  • Video Analysis
  • Posts & Comments
  • Announcements
  • Pin board